The “Who” and “Why” of my being here…

To keep it simple, I’m here to rediscover my creative voice.

I’ve always been the creative type. I drew a lot as a kid, went to school for art, and have written poetry and short stories off and on in between.

Now I’m 29 and I’ve reached a point where I’m not entirely happy doing what I’m doing. Somewhere along the way I silenced my creative voice and put it away.

I’m choosing to write publicly because it’ll pressure me into staying consistent. If I know someone is watching, I stick to it. (I don’t like looking like a quitter.)

For this blog I’ll be writing a lot of poetry (the goal is post something daily), sharing some of my latest paintings and I guess write about topics/news that inspire some emotion in me.

I would love to connect with other creatives, with others who are finding or redefining themselves, and with other friendly folks! 🙂

If I blog successfully throughout the next year, maybe I’ll have enough good “stuff” to publish a book, I’ll have made new friends, and hopefully have rediscovered my voice.


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