My dear dream reader…

I hate to exclude anyone,
but my dream reader would be Josh Ritter.
Oh, how he makes my heart patter-pitter.

Forget Kathleen, my light shines much brighter.
I’m already waiting for you in the passenger seat.
I can show you a love that makes your heart lighter.

We’ll roll the windows down to howl at the moon
with the wolves in Idaho and dance in the dark.
We’ll sing, not knowing the words, to an ancient tune.

This princess can guide you through the desert,
You won’t have to be lost in a curse anymore.
We’ll run in the wild, unmindful of the dirt.

And if it’s cold, I’ll slide in close to you,
and hold you for longer than a song.
Because what else do you do
with a dream come true?

Katerina Marks
9 Jan 2015


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