Go round

“It’s natural to go to round objects.” – artist friend

I started thinking about the size of circles the other day and realized we use them to define even the smallest things. For example:


Wait! They really are round!


“A circle is the only geometric shape defined by its centre. No chicken and egg about it, the centre came first, the circumference follows. The earth, by definition, has a centre. And only the fool that knows it can go wherever he pleases, knowing the centre will hold him down, stop him flying out of orbit. But when your sense of centre shifts, comes whizzing to the surface, the balance has gone…” ― Sarah Kane


Then there’s the sun:


Beyond that, we’re all rotating. See?


They say the entire universe is expanding at the same rate. I pictured lungs inhaling.

“…the Power of the World always works in circles…” Black Elk, “Black Elk Speaks” by John G. Neihardt

It’s natural to go round.

By the way, all the pictures are linked back to their original sites. Please check them out! They’re all super neat!


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