Morning Experience 

I stretch, gosh, it’s so cold

I wish they’d close the window 

Peering out, that now familiar orange glow 

Greets me…warmly.

The tiles in the entryway radiate chill

Click. Soon she’ll be marching up that hill.

The fountain of life gurgles happily

In the kitchen 

I slurp that sweet nectar of the–ow! It’s hot!

But I hold it close, it’s warmth spreads, hitting the spot

And for this moment I sit still.

Katerina Marks
31 January 2017


One thought on “Morning Experience 

  1. Hey, I noticed that you referenced our TV program inadvertently…The Fountain of Life is the program we broadcast Saturday mornings at 7:00 am….watch is sometime…:) Larry is still going strong and he would love to know you were watching at times…

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