Ventana (a conversation with my cousin)

My Tia used to live in Ventana,
a small place on the way to the beach.
Ventana is the Spanish word for window.
We sit here talking about her life,
her dreams, our mothers’ secrets.
Ventana is the Spanish word for window.
Our time and space are limited,
we hold hands, breaking the barrier for a moment.
Ventana is the Spanish word for window.
Eye contact finishes our sentences, brings laughter,
realizing that we might be taking this too seriously.
Ventana is the Spanish word for window,
and eventually you’ll be on the other side again
while I write a poem about your time on mine.

9 Marzo 2017
Katerina Marks 



In half-sleep my words are so wise
my verses so moving
I bring myself to tears
and wonder in the morning
why my pillow is so wet

Katerina Marks
25 April 2017

Morning Experience 

I stretch, gosh, it’s so cold

I wish they’d close the window 

Peering out, that now familiar orange glow 

Greets me…warmly.

The tiles in the entryway radiate chill

Click. Soon she’ll be marching up that hill.

The fountain of life gurgles happily

In the kitchen 

I slurp that sweet nectar of the–ow! It’s hot!

But I hold it close, it’s warmth spreads, hitting the spot

And for this moment I sit still.

Katerina Marks
31 January 2017

Online dating 

I lean forward to
touch you – reality lost
inside this small box

overflowing with
delicate secrets crawling
along thin fibers

until you snap in-
to sudden focus – finding
truth in miles between

Katerina Marks
9 January 2017


I’m going to watch Star Wars: Rogue One tonight. <insert little happy dance here.> To honor the occassion, I might have accidentally come up with a short song…

Star Wars, Star Wars
Rebels on a spaceship
Hoping not to get hit
‘Cause they’re on a mission
For their liberation!

Because I’ve been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (Don’t hate! A person is allowed to enjoy both!), “liberation” kept trying to be “Federation”…


Katerina Marks
15 December 2016


in the middle

see blue on both sides

formations so large

could be mountains

rising from ocean’s horizon

see the world pass

time leaves you

in the middle

see reflections

should be shadows

in that moment

before The Moment

Katerina Marks
13 July 2016

stuck in a loop

Ready, Set, Done

stuck in a loop
ring around the rosy
they reached out to draw me in
and history repeats itself
again and again and again
my fingers in the grass
stand in the center
rather dance on the edge
put that record on
you know my favorite song
i spin
and branch forth
to kiss the sun
vibrations in our atoms
the stars at our fingertips
universal rotation
we’re all stuck in a loop

Katerina Marks
19 Jan 2016

Circling back

This time last year I was getting ready to participate in my first Blogging 101 “course”; and come the first day of 2016, I’ll be participating in my second round. This year will be a little different because I’ll be focusing on a specific theme and hopefully the work I do will be the springboard for everything else I plan to do for the rest of the year.

If you read my post from December 22nd, you’ll see the inspiration for my upcoming work, which will include poetry (this is a poetry blog after all!), some notes, sketches and paintings. I’ll also discuss why Black Elk’s passages have become important to me.

Ideally, I’d like this to be an interactive experience. I know I’m not the best at commenting on other folks’ work, which is something I’ll be working on too, but I like feedback. If you have any questions, comments, just anything you’d like to share, please post them!

Be seeing you around!

“Black Elk Speaks – Circles”, 07/11, Katerina Marks