watch light fade early
purifying rays leave peace
for the long night come

Katerina Marks
21 December 2016



solitude never
mine — even the bath invites
open conference

Katerina Marks
20 December 2016


I’m going to watch Star Wars: Rogue One tonight. <insert little happy dance here.> To honor the occassion, I might have accidentally come up with a short song…

Star Wars, Star Wars
Rebels on a spaceship
Hoping not to get hit
‘Cause they’re on a mission
For their liberation!

Because I’ve been binge watching Star Trek: The Next Generation (Don’t hate! A person is allowed to enjoy both!), “liberation” kept trying to be “Federation”…


Katerina Marks
15 December 2016


unlucky in creation, still its birth-
forbidden its place in line-
few ever know its worth

locked in fear of its creation, such luck-
many shut away to hide
’cause what good comes of it?

Katerina Marks
13 December 2016