Limerick to describe one of my hobbies

There once was a girl from Atlanta,
Who was good at writing a tanka,
So she tried limerick,
Which was quite a big trick.
Now she writes haikus in Montana!

Katerina Marks
31 January 2017

*I haven’t really moved to Montana.



lazy Saturday
pajamas give little warmth
against the cold mist
lurking outside my window
but out I go anyways!

Katerina Marks
17 December 2016

8, 9, 10, 11, 12


from Aidan’s tuba
blow little drumming notes to
answer star’s signal

Katerina Marks
8 December 2016


luna tapada
and muted stars hidden by
evening’s dark clouds

Katerina Marks
9 December 2016


goldfish flipped over
through small holes across cold tiles
close observation
of ensuing disarray
anarchy from Oli’s hands

Katerina Marks
10 December 2016


lord count von count might
have a field day reading my
words, syllables, verse

Katerina Marks
11 December 2016


focus comes in two
smart parts: an app and a click
let me work with you!

Katerina Marks
12 December 2016


oddly balanced in
its prime like a flamingo
on one leg ready
to begin its fiery dance
on narrow Andean shores

Katerina Marks
7 December 2016



if the rain had come
with its tender blessings to
quench this burning thirst
the greens would still be ever
and the air still safe to breathe

Katerina Marks
5 December 2016


intertwine, connect
one time sanguine rivers pulsed
between distinct views
but secrets weigh heavy on
bones and ancient paths part ways

Katerina Marks
2 December 2016


no breeze cools this heat
sticky sweat forever drips
unanswered dream of relief
how do you all survive this?

Katerina Marks
24 August 2015