Tears rise and my breathing stops.
Revealing answers to hidden questions,
Understanding forms like dewdrops.
Stay still, he might yet hangup,
Telling secrets long untold.

Katerina Marks
18 Feb 2015


Motivational Monday

Movement on a day like this?
Overwhelming denial wins.
Not seeking light, desire soft rain.
Decidedly staying under.
Absence encouraged by downy warmth.
Yesterday hesitates to fade.

Katerina Marks
9 Feb 2015

Direction (an acrostic)

Drifting, floating along
In need of clarity
Reflecting isn’t working
Even when purpose is found
Confusion weighs on the bones
Trying to find passion
Intense desires that keep one awake
Oxygen isn’t as necessary as dreams
Not when the soul feels lost

Katerina Marks
15 Dec 2014