La Sirena

Oof! I’ve been working on this one for a couple of months. I think it’s finished… maybe. I might come back and rewrite some of it…who knows! Enjoy.

As the planets dance around the sun,
and stars fall toward watery graves,
dreams of the moon flood her vision.

She reaches up from thousands of leagues,
simply to feel the wind kiss her fingertips.

Storms crash as she breaks the surface,
her heart crossing unknown boundaries,
and her cries for more are washed away,
gone unheard.

As those poor unfortunate souls moan sad,
but true words of warning,
visions of another life blind her.

She sacrifices her voice for a taste of God,
leaving behind all she knows.

The stars burn with a greater radiance,
and the promise of the glorious world above
ease her pain of dancing upon sharp knives.
She bleeds happily for the One.

But his true delight brings a sharper pang,
and whispers of an eternal night,
without thought or dream, await her.

Her desperate heart seeks another way,
the depths offering to reclaim her.

As the planets dance around the sun,
his warm rays break through the cold,
and her final cry leads to glory,
her spirit is now her own.

Katerina Marks
26 January 2015
*With an edit made on 28 Jan 2015


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